5 Reasons Why Laparoscopic surgery is better than Traditional Open Surgery

Laparoscopy (also known as keyhole surgery) is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that allows surgeons to perform the procedures of traditional surgery using small incisions. Laparoscopic surgery has become quite popular for performing several general surgery procedures.

In Laparoscopy, a long flexible tube is used which is connected to a video camera. The surgeon will insert the tube through the small incision in the abdominal cavity. With the help of a monitor, the surgeon can visualize the abdominal cavity and control the movements of the laparoscope.

Laparoscopic surgery offers many benefits to surgeons and patients. Find out how Laparoscopic surgery should be preferred over traditional surgery:

Reason #1: The size of incisions made in Laparoscopy is quite small, the risk of bleeding is reduced during the surgery. This further reduces the possibility of blood transfusion that might be needed to compensate the blood loss.

Reason #2: Smaller incisions also result in less pain after surgery. In open surgery where large incisions are made, patients need long-term medication to relief their pain and heal the stitch lines. However, in laparoscopic surgery, the post-surgical wounds are smaller, and patients recover fast.

Reason #3: Laparoscopic surgery also offers the benefit of less or smaller scars. With small incisions, patients will get minor surgical scars.

Reason #4: The length of hospital stay in laparoscopic surgery is relatively shorter than traditional surgery. Fast recovery and smaller incisions result in shorter hospital stays. Many patients get the same-day or next-day discharge from the hospital. They can return to the normal daily routine within few days.

Reason #5: Laparoscopic surgery protects the immune function of the patient whereas open surgery can compromise the immune system.

So these were five reasons that show Laparoscopic surgery is better than traditional open surgery. Every patient should find a qualified colorectal surgeon who is trained and experienced in minimally invasive techniques. Consult your physician to find out if you are an eligible candidate for Laparoscopy. If you are based in Los Angeles, contact Dr. Karen Zaghiyan M.D., who is a reputed Laparoscopic surgeon in LA.



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