Hemorrhoids: Symptoms and Treatment

According to American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ASCRS), Millions of people in the U.S. suffer from hemorrhoid. The risk of getting hemorrhoid (also called piles) is more in adults aged between 45 and 65. The Hemorrhoid is an unpleasant condition that causes pain and discomfort for people; however there are treatment options available.

In today’s busy and hectic schedule, people often ignore the signs of hemorrhoids. This happens due to lack of knowledge because many people are not aware of hemorrhoids symptoms.

By knowing the signs of hemorrhoids, you can get hemorrhoid treatment on time. The sooner you catch the condition, the sooner you can treat it. This post shares some common symptoms of hemorrhoids. Have a look:

  1. Hard and Painful Lumps by the Rectum

This is the main symptom of external hemorrhoids which you can easily spot.

  1. Bleeding During Bowel Movement

The person with hemorrhoids may notice blood on toilet paper or in the toilet bowl during bowel movements. This sign can be seen in both types of hemorrhoids.

  1. Itching around the Rectal Area

In the internal hemorrhoids, people can experience seep mucus within the intestinal tract. This mucus may cause irritation and itching. In addition to this, Excessive rubbing, or cleaning around the anus area may also cause itching and irritation.

  1. Discomfort

People who suffer from hemorrhoids may also experience discomfort after the bowel movement. After passing the stool, they may feel to pass the stool again. Larger the hemorrhoids, greater the discomfort.

  1. Anal Pain

Anal pain is a critical symptom of hemorrhoids, and one should get emergency treatment right away.

These were five basic and common symptoms of hemorrhoids. If you are having any of these signs, then you should consult a skilled colorectal surgeon immediately for hemorrhoids treatment. Hemorrhoids are life threatening; however they can be quite painful and unpleasant for you.

If you are based in California, contact Dr. Karen Zaghiyan M.D., who is an experienced colorectal surgeon in LA. She provides hemorrhoids treatment in Los Angeles. Schedule an appointment today and discuss your condition.


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