10 Reasons to Visit a Proctologist in Los Angeles

As the age grows, health issues also start increasing. Things like weak eyesight, sore feet, knee pain, thinning hair, etc. readily come to mind. But who would have every given a thought to visiting a Proctologist every year? Before we can move ahead, let’s discuss who a proctologist is.

Who is a Proctologist?

A proctologist is a surgical specialist who focuses on the treatment of the colon, rectum, and anus diseases. Usually, people pay little attention to their colorectal health. However, with growing age, things like anal pain, hemorrhoids, constipation comes. Visiting a proctologist once in a year will help you minimize the risk of colorectal diseases.

What Will The Proctologist Do?

If you observe problems in your digestive tract, then you can try finding a reliable proctologist in the major cities like Los Angeles. If you are a female and would like to be comfortable while discussing your health condition, then you can find a female proctologist in Los Angeles. Once you visit physician’s office, you will be interviewed by the doctor in a confidential setting where he/she will examine you. Afterward, your proctologist will examine your anal area with a small scope (anoscope) and rectum with a proctoscope. Finally, the physician will check your stool for any microscopic blood.

Now that you know what a proctologist do, you would be wondering why you would need to visit a proctologist. Well, following are some reasons to see a proctologist:

  1. When you see or feel an external anal lump
  2. When you observe a discharge from the anus
  3. When you have rectal bleeding
  4. When you see a change in bowel habits or change in the size of the bowel movement
  5. When you have turned 50+ years and need a colonoscopy
  6. When you have anemia and the source of it is in your colon, anus or rectum
  7. When you have had polyps in the past
  8. If you have a strong family history of colorectal cancer or colon polyps
  9. If you have pain or swelling on the buttocks
  10. When you have irritable bowel syndrome

Where to Find a Good Proctologist?

You can ask for some references from friends or relatives. In addition to this, you can also find best proctologists in Los Angeles through the internet. Schedule a private consultation and discuss your colorectal health with the physician. Ask as many questions as you want and become educated in all the aspects of your problem and its diagnosis.