Colonoscopy Screening is a Lifesaver

Recent research has shown that over the past 15 years,the death rate due to colorectal cancer has been decreasing. The reason behind it is the increased use of colonoscopy screening which helps to detect cancer early.

During colonoscopy screening, a flexible fibre-optic instrument is inserted through the anus to remove lesions in the colon called polyps. Polyps are usually not cancerous at the time of removal but can become cancerous over time if left in the body.

Colorectal cancer which includes colon and rectal cancers has turn into a second leading cause of cancer death among people. It mostly happened among the age group of 50 and above and the risk increases with age.  Precancerous polyps are abnormal growths in the colon and rectum which turns into colorectal cancer if left in the body. Through colorectal screening, a doctor removes the polyps from the body before they turn into cancer.

Chances of colorectal cancer even if you have no symptoms:

  • If you have a close relative with colorectal cancer history or have had colorectal polyps.
  • Women with a history of breast, ovarian or uterine cancer may have a higher risk of colon cancer.
  • If you have an inflammatory bowel disease like Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s disease may put you at higher risk of developing colorectal cancer.
  • Family history of colorectal cancer or polyps puts you at higher risk of colorectal cancer.

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